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Canadian GPC Records Certificates Available for $10 plus postage each email completed Form to michellesenger@hotmail.com. Equipped Powerlifting. 2004 - Present. Raw Powerlifting. 2010 - Present. Equipped Benchpress. 2004 - Present. Raw Bench Press. 2010 - Present. Equipped Deadlift. 2014 - Present. Raw Deadlift. 2014 - Present. Equipped Squat. The OpenPowerlifting project aims to create a permanent, accurate, convenient, accessible, open archive of the world's powerlifting data Records; Provincial Rankings; Qualifying Standards; IPF Rules & Equipment; Clubs & Gyms; BCPA Full Time Student Bursary; BCPA Apparel; Resources . What is Powerlifting; RAW vs EQUIPPED; Become a Member; Hosting a Contest; Meet Director's Guide; Anti-Doping/ CCES; Calendar; Contact U Records; Certificates; Arnolds; Rules/Codes/Info. Approved List; Technical Rules; IPF GL Formula; Codes and Guidances; IOC Programmes; Media. Livestream; IPF Magazine; Media Rules; Social Media; IPF Apps; Newsletter; Anti-Doping. IPF Anti-Doping Rules; Lifter's Platform; Prohibited List; TUEs; Supplements; Whereabouts; Testing; Education; Sanctions; WADA Speak Up; IPF Notice on Data Privac Women's Equipped All-Time World Records. To view Michael Soong's entire book of All-Time Records and Rankings, please go here and subscribe. (Updated January 21 2021) Raw Powerlifting Records compiled by Johnny Vasquez NOTE: records in the Raw no Wraps division allows nothing more than NEOPRENE Knee sleeves

If a Provincial Record is also a National Record, then the athlete must follow the Canadian Powerlifting Union (CPU) record policy. Under CPU rules, all lifters who break a National Record in a contest that allows such records to be broken such as, Provincial Championships, Western/Eastern Championships, National Championships, and International caliber contests must apply for the record online A Classic record if larger than Equipped will over ride the Equipped Records. A Bench Record set in a three lift contest if larger will over ride a Bench Only Record. 1. Sub-Junior Records if larger over ride Junior and Open Records. 2. Junior Records if larger over ride Open Records. OPEN RECORDS. 3. Masters One Records if larger over ride Open Records. 4

This site provides information about masters (age 30 and older) weightlifting in Canada. Here you can locate schedules of upcoming competitions, results of past competitions, qualifying totals, records, weightlifting publications, membership requirements, and locations of other related sites on the web 100% RAW Powerlifting Federation Canada, is Canada's top drug free powerlifting federation. With over 500 members, running meets country wide, we offer fun meets with top athletes and opportunities to compete world wide The Canadian Powerlifting League is Canada's affiliate to IPL. The CPL is owned and operated by Bernice Fuss. Established in 2014, the CPL has become a home for all lifters to enjoy the sport of powerlifting in a high quality environment The Canadian Powerlifting Association's mission is to promote powerlifting by organizing competitions across Canada. The Association is primarily active in Quebec, but is open to suggestions from promoters elsewhere in Canada At 105kg Morgan Domney was flat and looked vulnerable at Deadlift time, but the two Canadian contenders pulled up 2 & 3kg short and Morgan bestrode the victory dais. Finally, Australian Superheavyweight Tony Reinmuth stole the show with 967kg and 527 points at a trim 166kg bodyweight. 400kg Squat was a sensation and backed up with 242kg Bench and 325kg Deadlift for a PB by 30kg and a clear Best Lifter award

Canada: All Canadian Records Found Here: Denmark: BENCH PRESS RECORDS: DEADLIFT RECORDS: STRICT CURL RECORDS: Ecuador: POWERLIFTING RECORDS: El Salvador: POWERLIFTING RECORDS: POWERLIFTING RECORDS: Rated #4 in all NC!! Tim Henriques' book All About Powerlifting is available NOW, get your copy here Calgary, 2985 23 Ave NE #125, Calgary, AB T1Y 7L3, Canada Meet Directors: Pamela Hodder and Leo King (pamelahodder@gmail.com) Registration is FULL! Please contact the meet director to be placed on a waitlist The recording of records was only begun following the 2004 Games in Whitehorse, Yukon. Even then we do not have sufficient data from all sports to enable the establishment of records. In addition not all sports activities offered at the Canada 55+ Games lend themselves to records because our emphasis is on participation and keeping active

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WPC Canada Powerlifting is a global affiliate of the World Powerlifting Congress (WPC) and includes all 3 lifts - the squat, the bench press, and the deadlift. We offer Pro and Amateur Divisions with Raw, Classic Raw, and Equipped Lifting I agree to receive marketing material from World Powerlifting. Leave this field empty if you're human: World Powerlifting 2019 | All Rights Reserve Canadian Powerlifting League- AMIT SAPIR ALL TIME WORLD RECORDNext Event - CANADIAN CUP - Vancouver, BC. Canada July 25 &26 2015CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO: htt.. Records. The Best WE Have. Affiliate Powerlifting: Canadian Powerlifting Union International Powerlifting Federation: We're Social. Results - International Powerlifting Federation IPF. 2021. World Open Powerlifting Championships 2021. World Masters Powerlifting Championships 2021. World Sub-Junior and Junior Powerlifting Championships 2021. World University Powerlifting Cup 2021. World Classic Powerlifting Championships 2021

About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. Canadian Powerlifting Federation (CPF) June 12, 2020 · In light of the actions of Ano Turtiainen we at the CPF considered two options for banning metal gear: either a complete ban or a ban of the logo where lifters who had already purchased equipment could still use it provided they removed all metal insignia

3 Powerlifting workshops (North America) POWERLIFTING. 4x CPU National champion . 2x IPF world medalist. Arnold Sports Festival Champion, 2017. Former squat world record holder (2015-2017) Multiple national records . OTHER. Black Belt Karate. Competitive Hockey/Soccer Background. Co-host on Canadian Powerlifting Podcas 17 votes, 23 comments. 211k members in the powerlifting community. A subreddit for the sport of powerlifting

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The following are the records of Canada in Olympic weightlifting. Records are maintained in each weight class for the snatch lift, clean and jerk lift, and the total for both lifts by the Canadian Weightlifting Federation (CWFHC). Current records Men. Event Record Athlete Date Meet Place Ref 55 kg Snatch. Powerlifters earn Canadian records. Posted on April 20, 2016 by Taber Times. By Greg Price. Taber Times. gprice@tabertimes.com. Several locals had top lifts at the recent 2016 Western Canadian Drug Free Single Event Powerlifting Championships held in Taber. There were 74 entries with lifters coming from all across western Canada to compete


  1. 04/01/2016. USA Powerlifting High School Nationals. Certificate. Add video. -59. Charles Shuford. 197.5 kg. 03/22/2018. 2018 High School National Championships
  2. Anyway, turns out I actually got the Men's Amateur record for the squat and overall total! I found this out about a month afterwards when the record was posted on the spreadsheet available at CPF's website.. It looks like this, without the yellow highlighting or Chong Li picture
  3. The first year he competed, he set raw powerlifting records in his age division (70-74) in the Raw Nationals Championship (raw powerlifting requires athletes to have no assistance or support from equipment while lifting). In his second year of competition, Fougnier received 5 medals and finished 2nd overall in the world championships
  4. World Raw Powerlifting Federation for North and South America. We aim to grow the sport of powerlifting in our regions by offering lifters a place to showcase their strength under fair standards and affordable prices! For more information about the WRPF, please contact us. Contact Us
  5. 2021 GPC Canadian Powerlifting Championships September 25 - 26, 2021 Calgary, AB Online Entry More info to follow *** 2020 GPC World Powerlifting Championships October 17 - 18, 2020 Schedule update: Info Entry Form For Canadian Lifters. Lifters from outiside Canada must register through their national GPC affiliate. Voluntee
  6. Fédération Québécoise de Dynamophilie. 155 rue Richelieu. Québec, Québec. Canada. G1R 4W


The Viking Barbell Club was setup by the NIPF as a Powerlifting Centre of Excellence in 2013. Commonwealth Powerlifting Championships 2017. Belfast LIVE Article: Weight-lifting granny helps NI powerlifters smash it at Commonwealth Championships Rekordy jsou sestavovány z výsledků soutěží evidovaných na Powerlifter.cz a dle pravidel této organizace, ke každému výkonu je možné zobrazit jeho historii (vývoj) včetně neoficiálních pokusů o překonání. Pokud Vám zde nějaký rekordní pokus chybí pak nám jej prosím zašlete ideálně včetně kompletní výsledkové listiny a případně přiložte i odkaz na video. Lots of locals made their presence felt at the Drug Free Western Canadian Championships in Taber in powerlifting over the weekend. There were some very strong men and women who competed in this contest There was a total of 20 Canadian powerlifting records broken, with many personal bests set also Riddell broke three Canadian national records: the squat record at 330 pounds, the bench record at 237 pounds and the deadlift record at 435 pounds. Related New

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The criteria may include winning medals, breaking records or placing at a certain competition. Details of exact amounts are generally sparse. We even tried to reach out to some of the National powerlifting federations, but none would return our emails. Bryce Krawczyk is a famous Canadian powerlifter who runs a popular YouTube channel called. The Reverend Dr Kevin Fast, from Cobourg, Canada, still holds nine unbroken world records for powerlifting, including the heaviest plane pulled by a man (188.83 tonnes) Junior Canadian powerlifter Clifton Pho has left his mark on the IPF's world record books after his latest performance at the 2017 IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championships Broken Provincial Records over 80 times. 3x Best Club at Alberta Provincial Championships What I have done to get here: 11x National Champion. 2x IPF World Medalist. Heaviest Bench in CPU History of 750lbs (340.5kg) President of the Canadian Powerlifting Union. IPF International Referee. Team Canada Coach, 2015-Present. Team Alberta Coach, 2016.

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  1. g. $105/month +tax Competition Coaching and Handling. $75/session tax include
  2. Powerlifting has been on the Paralympic Games program since 1984. Canada has won three silver medals at the Games: Michael Johnson in 1988 and Al Slater and Gino Vendetti in 1984. Powerlifting is governed by the IPC and co-ordinated by the IPC Powerlifting Technical Committee. There is only one sport class in powerlifting
  3. Shattered records. A powerlifting event involves a competitor attempting to lift the heaviest weight possible in a single repetition. father and son shattered half a dozen Canadian records.
  4. The Canadian Drug Free Powerlifting Federation (CDFPF) is the Canadian affiliate of the World Drug Free Powerlifting Federation (WDFPF). The WDFPF was created in 1988 specifically as a drug-free alternative international platform - in order to provide fair competition world-wide for those powerlifters who wish to train and compete without performance-enhancing drugs
  5. The 2011 World Drug-Free Powerlifting Federation, Inc. Rule Book President: Wim Backelant Winkelstap 25 2900 Schoten Belgium Phone: 32-3 645 14 61 E-mail: Wim.Backelant@telenet.be Vice President: Mariyana Marinova Heydeckstr.12 39104 Magdeburg Germany Phone: 49 172 34 12 392 E-mail: Secretary General: Yulia Segal 10-201 Industrialny pr. St. Petersburg 195426, Russia Phone: 7-921-33-33-201 E.
  6. Powerlifting is a strength sport that consists of three attempts at maximal weight on three lifts: squat, bench press, and deadlift.As in the sport of Olympic weightlifting, it involves the athlete attempting a maximal weight single-lift effort of a barbell loaded with weight plates. Powerlifting evolved from a sport known as odd lifts, which followed the same three-attempt format but used a.
  7. BLACK OXYGEN LINK: buyblackoxygen.com Canadian Powerlifting League... NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS SQUAT: 601 lbs/272.5 kg (world record) BENCH PRESS: 352 lbs/160 kg (Canadian record) DEADLIFT: 507 lbs/230 kg (Canadian record) TOTAL: 1463 lbs/663 kg (Canadian record) Overall and Masters III Canadian champion, 242 lb class, Classic Raw division

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  1. CPL- Canadian Powerlifting League. 817 likes · 17 talking about this. The CPL is an affiliate of the International Powerlifting Leagu
  2. Welsh Powerlifting is part of British Powerlifting, which in turn is part of the International Powerlifting Federation. You can join the WPA through British Powerlifting here . There is a lot of information about Powerlifting out there on the internet - so we'll try and keep this site dedicated to things happening in the Welsh division
  3. Avi also has a strong commitment to the development of powerlifting and the sport generally. To this end, he is a member of the Alberta Powerlifting Union Executive Committee, a national-level referee, member of the Canadian Powerlifting Union Student Scholarship Committee, and director of many local and provincial powerlifting competitions
  4. About - Coach Greg Inc. Expert in Aesthetics, Strength, Education, and Charisma. IFBB Pro Bodybuilder. Guinness World Record-Holding Powerlifter. Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Kinesiology. YouTuber with more than 380,000 subscribers. Coach of more than 1,000 diet, training, and supplements clients around the world. Published Author

Canadian Powerlifting Union The CPU is excited to work with Jeannie Jamison as Records Chair. Jeannie is a Master lifter from Alberta who has been involved in the APU/CPU since 2013 He has accumulated 2 World records, 4 Commonwealth records, 6 North American records, over 25 National records and 30 Provincial records. With the experience of competing in 80 competitions, Barry is a veteran of the platform and the strategies of competing. Currently ranked 2nd in the Canadian Powerlifting Union All Time top Bench Pressers

Jessica Buettner, powerlifter - Saskatchewan, Canada. With three unofficial world records under her powerlifting belt, two time-IPF powerlifting world champion (JR 72 kg) Jessica Buettner is a force to be reckoned with. In an exclusive interview with Eleiko, the Canadian powerlifter shares her story of overcoming the odds, what motivates her to. Australian Records These records represent the best male and female lifts by Powerlifting Australia members in sanctioned IPF competitions which were performed at regional level or higher level or where all 3 referees are of National Level or higher. Please note: If you have recently broken a record at a competition and the correct leve Canadian Powerlifting Federation (CPF). 2,386 likes · 2 talking about this. Check out our site! http://canadianpowerliftingfederation.com

Mexico's Amalia Perez has been a leading figure in women's powerlifting for over two decades of competition. She won in the 52kg class at Beijing 2008, the 60kg class at London 2012 and the 55kg class once again at Rio 2016, where she lifted a world-record 130kg The Corporate Information Management Unit of the Provincial Archives provides advice and assistance in records and information management to all government departments, agencies, corporations and commissions. Under provincial legislation, records management policies and procedures apply to all records, in any form, which are created or received in the administration of public business Gary performed a historical all time deadlift record of 925 pounds which stood in the ratings for over 20 years! Some of our International Affiliates include American Powerlifting Association, Canadian Powerlifting Association, European Powerlifting Association, African Continental Powerlifting Alliance,. Aug. 25, 2021: Nain Brass Band, Powerlifting Record, and ITK President Natan Obed 49:58 Aug. 24, 2021: Support For Innu Nation, Around The World Flight, and Back To Schoo

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The International Powerlifting League (IPL) recognizes the following: 1.1.1 All three-lift competitions must include and be performed in the sequence of the squat, then bench press, and concluding with the deadlift. 1.1.2 Competition takes place between lifters in categories defined by gender, bodyweight and age Bacon and Barbells is a powerlifting gear and athletic apparel company that has grassroots beginnings in Ontario, Canada. Its popularity has spread beyond Canadian borders because of its incredibly comfortable clothing as well as a dose of humor often injected in the form of slogans on shirts and sweaters

The Canadian Powerlifting Union is a federally registered nonprofit organization formed in 1982 that serves as the Canadian affiliate to the International Powerlifting Federation. In that role, they oversee all IPF-style powerlifting competitions that take place in Canada. Now you can show your support for the CPU with our vast collection of. Become a Member. Memberships to the Canadian Powerlifting Union (CPU) are available for online purchase and expire one year from the date of purchase. Your CPU number will be required to compete in competitions within Canada. All CPU members are subject to In-Competition and Out-Of-Competition doping testing as a condition of membership


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Canadian Powerlifting Podcast. 594 likes. The Canadian Powerlifting Podcast is a biweekly podcast about powerlifting in Canada with hosts Ryan Stinn, Avi Silverberg and Stephen Cascioli RESULTS. Maude Charron of Canada took a 1kg lead in the snatch competition and shook off a missed first attempt in the clean and jerk to take gold in the women's 64kg weightlifting competition. Charron's chance took a hit when she missed an attempt of 128kg. Italy's Giorgia Bordignon successfully lifted that weight, the highest she attempted, and Chinese Taipei's Chen Hen-Wue converted at.

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Posts to Canadian Powerlifting Federation (CPF) Canadian Powerlifting Federation (CPF) Explanation of the CPF and WPC Canada Changes: Recent shocking events have rocked the world and the powerlifting community was not immune to their impact. There is no excusing the egregious, racist actions undertaken by Ano Turtiainen the founder of Metal. Britain's Kadeena Cox retained her C4-5 500m time trial Paralympic title with a stunning world-record ride in Tokyo. The 30-year-old, who won cycling and athletics gold at the Rio Games, knew she had to beat the time of 35.830 seconds set by Canadian world champion Kate O'Brien to win Britain's seventh gold of the Games Raw records were set only wearing the some of the following: 132 551 mike booker usa 2002 aau. World masters classic & equipped powerlifting championships, potchefstroom, south. Source: pinterest.com. For those who don't know, powerlifting is a weight class sport. 2018 high school national championships. 165 661 austin perkins usa 11/14/20 usapl

#Strongman #Competition #Tips Official channel of competitive strongman. Big Loz The Warrior Laurence Shahlaei 2018 Giants Live North American Winner 2017 UK's Strongest Man, 2016 Europe's Strongest Man, Ultimate Strongman World Champion, 2 X Britain's Strongest Man, 10 X World's Strongest Man competitor & British powerlifting record holder T.J. Gear of Happy Valley-Goose Bay lifted his way to second place and a new bench press record at the 18th Pan-American Powerlifting Championships in Orlando, Florida over the weekend

WORLD POWERLIFTING CHAMPIONSHIPS, CALGARY, CANADA - WorldBronte CollegeThis 87-year-old man can deadlift 405 lbsPowerlifting: Mickael Cloutier en quête d'un 3eKevin Fast the world's strongest priest has broken 19

Record-breaking Canadian Powerlifter Jackie Barrett is making history yet again as the first-ever Special Olympics athlete inducted into Canada's Sports Hall of Fame. At the Special Olympics World Summer Games Los Angeles 2015, Barrett's 611-pound squat broke Special Olympics records, as well as the Newfoundland Men's Master-1 Super. Posts about canadian records written by canadianpowerlifting. Our Nationals will be open, like all 100% RAW Nationals are cross the World, though to claim the National title one must reach a class 1 total within that National competition (Tean,Junior and Master lifters must reach a lower classification stated in the classification chart) 100-year-old powerlifter Edith Murway-Traina it should be said that she is not the oldest female athlete in the Guinness Book of World Records. That honour belongs to Canadian Lola Holmes, 102. What made the day even better is Krawczyk set a new Canadian record. That's what he's most proud of. The (powerlifting) federation that I compete in is very strictly drug tested, he told CTV.